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Traffic Cams - Nassau County


I-495 East of Little Neck Pkwy (LIE)

I-495 West of New Hyde Park Rd (LIE)

I-495 at New Hyde Park Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Shelter Rock Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Searingtown Road (LIE)

I-495 at Willis Ave (LIE)

I-495 at Roslyn Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Glen Cove Rd (LIE)

I-495 at Old Westbury Rd (LIE)

I-495 between Exits 40 and 39 (LIE)

I-495 at Powells Lane (LIE)

I-495 West of NY 106/107 (LIE)

I-495 at NSP Connector Exit 42 (LIE)

I-495 at South Oyster Bay Road (LIE)

I-495 at Route 135 (LIE)

I-495 at Manetto Hill Rd (Exit 45) (LIE)

I-495 at Plainview Rd. (LIE)

I-495 East of Round Swamp Rd (LIE)

MSP between Exits M2 and M1 (Old Country Rd. Interchange) (MSP)

MSP between Exits M2 and M3 (Zeckendorf Blvd Interchange) (MSP)

MSP between Exits M2 and M3 (South of Zeckendorf Blvd Interchange) (MSP)

MSP between M3 and M2 (Ellison Ave. Interchange) (MSP)

MSP between M5 and M4 (north of Charles Lindbergh Blvd) (MSP)

MSP between M6 and M5 (south of Front St.) (MSP)

MSP between M5 and M6 (north of Jerusalem Ave.) (MSP)

MSP between M6 and M7 (at SSP Interchange) (MSP)

MSP between M7 and M6 (north of Washington Ave.) (MSP)

MSP between M6 and M7 (south of Washington Ave.) (MSP)

MSP between M7 and M6 (north of Babylon Tpke.) (MSP)

MSP between M7 and M6 (at Babylon Tpke. Interchange) (MSP)

MSP between M10 and M9 (at Merrick Rd. Interchange) (MSP)

Loop Pkwy. NE corner at Lido Blvd in Point Lookout (MSP)

NSP West of Lakeville Road (NSP)

NSP at Shelter Rock Rd (NSP)

NSP at Willis Ave (NSP)

NSP at Roslyn Rd (NSP)

NSP at Exit 29A (W/B LIE Connector) (NSP)

NSP at I.U. Willets Rd Exit 30 (Median Cam) (NSP)

NSP at Hillside Ave (Median Cam) (NSP)

NSP at Glen Cove Rd / NY 25 (NSP)

NSP at Carle Rd (NSP)

MSP at Westbury Ave (NSP)

NSP West of Post Ave (NSP)

NSP at Post Ave (NSP)

NSP 500 ft East of Powells Ln (NSP)

NSP at Wantagh Pkwy (NSP)

NSP at Brush Hollow Rd (NSP)

NSP at Rt 106/107 (NSP)

NSP West of South Oyster Bay Rd. (NSP)

NSP at East of LIE Connector (NSP)

NSP at Rt 135(Seaford Oyster Bay Expwy) (NSP)

NSP West of Sunnyside Blvd (NSP)

NY 24 at MSP (NY24)

NY 24 at Nassau County Medical Center (NY24)

NY 24 at WSP (NY24)

NY 24 at Gardniers Ave (NY24)

NY 24 at Wantagh Ave (NY24)

NY 24 at NY 135 (NY24)

NY 25 at I-495 SSR and Brush Hollow Rd. (NY25)

NY 25 at NY 106/107 (NY25)

NY 25 at Robbins Lane (NY25)

NY 25 at Underhill Blvd (NY25)

NY 25 at Lafayette Ave (NY25)

NY 25 at S. Oyster Bay Rd. and Jackson Ave. (NY25)

NY 27 at Meadowbrook State Parkway (NY27)

NY 27 at Hewlett Ave (NY27)

NY 27 at Center Ave.(Bellmore) (NY27)

NY 27 at Wantagh State Pkwy (NY27)

NY 27 at NY 135 (NY27)

SSP at the Cross Island Pkwy (SSP)

SSP between Exits 12 and 13 (SSP)

SSP at Exit 13 - Central Ave. (SSP)

SSP at Exit 14 - N. Fletcher Ave. (SSP)

SSP at Exit 15 (SSP)

SSP between Exits 17 and 16 (SSP)

SSP at Exit 17 N/S Hempstead Ave. (SSP)

SSP between Exits 18 and 17 (SSP)

SSP at Exit 18 - Eagle Ave / Hempstead Lake State Park (SSP)

SSP at Exit 19 (SSP)

SSP at Exit 20 - Grand Ave. (SSP)

SSP between Exit 21 (Nassau Rd.) and Exit 22 (MSP) (SSP)

SSP East of Exit 25 - NY 106 (SSP)

SSP West of Exit 28 - Wantagh Ave (SSP)

SSP at Exit 29 - NY 107 (SSP)

SSP Between Exit 29 and Exit 30 (SSP)

SSP just East of Exit 30 - Broadway (SSP)

SSP midway between Carmans Rd and Exit 31 (SSP)

WSP at Old Country Road ( Exit W2 ) (WSP)

WSP Exits W02-W01 at Prospect Ave. (WSP)

WSP Exits W02-W03 at Stewart Ave. (WSP)

WSP Exits W02-W03 at Salisbury Park Drive (WSP)

WSP Exits W03-W04 at North Jerusalem Road (WSP)

WSP Exits W05-W04 at Jerusalem Road (WSP)

WSP Exits W05-W04 South of the Pedestrian Bridge (WSP)

WSP Exits W07-W06 at Merrick Road (WSP)

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